Chemispray Hose

Highly chemical resistant hose manufactured from polymer with high nitrile content and polymeric plasticiser giving it great flexibility as well as unsurpassed chemical and UV resistance.

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Chemispray Hose Specification Sheet

Code Nom I.D. Nom O.D. Working Pressure @ 20⁰C Stock Lengths
23CSN8X** 8mm 14.0mm 2mpa/290psi 20m & 100m
23CSN10X** 10mm 17.0mm 2mpa/290psi 20m, 100m & 300m
23CSN12X** 12.5mm 19.7mm 2mpa/290psi 20m, 100m & 200m
23CSN20X** 20mm 27.2mm 1.6mpa/232psi 20m & 100m
23CSN25X** 25mm 35mm 1.6mpa/232psi 20m & 100m
23CSN32X** 32mm 43.4mm 1.6mpa/232psi 20m (Non Stock)

Recommended Use: Recommended for chemical sprays using a wide range of pesticide and weedicide chemicals.

Outstanding chemical resistance from the PVC, Nitrile & Polymeric plasticizer combination.
Excellent U.V. Resistance to withstand extreme Australian conditions.
Manufactured with a 4:1 pressure safety factor.
Operating temperature -5⁰C to + 60⁰C.
Good flexibility & kink resistance even at low temperatures.

Construction: Inner core Black flexible PVC with Nitrile Rubber. Reinforcing: High tenacity polyester yarn. Outer cover: Black flexible PVC /Nitrile blend with a smooth finish.