Clear Vinyl Tubing

General purpose low pressure non reinforced clear (blue tint) tube suitable for air, water, and general applications. Tube compound conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (Plastics for Food Contact) making it suitable for food applications. This tube has good chemical resistance and a moderate level of UV protection.

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Clear Vinyl Tubing Specification Sheet

Code Nom XID Nom OD Working pressure @ 20⁰C Stock Lengths
11C3X** 3mm 5mm .8mpa / 113psi 30m coil & 200m spool
11C4X** 4mm 6mm .7mpa / 101psi 30m coil & 150m spool
11C5X** 5mm 8mm .6mpa / 87psi 30m coil & 100m spool
11C6X** 6mm 9mm .5mpa / 72psi 30m coil & 100m spool
11C8X** 8mm 11mm .4mpa / 58psi 30m coil & 100m spool
11C10X** 10mm 13mm .4mpa / 58psi 30m coil & 75m spool
11C12X** 12.5mm 15.5mm .4mpa / 58psi 30m coil & 50m spool
11C16X** 15.8mm 20mm .3mpa / 43psi 30m coil
11C20X** 19.8mm 23.8mm .3mpa / 43psi 30m coil
11C25X** 25mm 31mm .2mpa / 29psi 30m coil
11C32X** 32mm 38mm .2mpa / 29psi 30m coil
11C40X** 38mm 45.8mm .2mpa / 29psi 15m & 30m coil
11C50X** 50mm 60mm .2mpa / 29psi 15m coil

Recommended Use: General Purpose low pressure tube suitable for use with air, water and fluid transfer. Ideal for low pressure food and beverage lines, especially suited for aquarium plumbing systems.

Conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (Plastics for food contact) & is EU ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant.
Metre marked for measuring and cutting ease.
Manufactured from clear / blue tint virgin PVC
Good Chemical Resistance with Moderate UV Resistance
Temperatures; -5⁰C to +60⁰C.