Grey Suction Hose

A premium quality general purpose hose with excellent flexibility in its class. Particularly well suited for use with water, mud, grain, sand and some chemicals. Hose has very good abrasion resistance and excellent UV stability. Hose conforms to AS/NZS 2070. Operating Temperature from -5°C to +60°C.

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Grey Suction Hose Specification Sheet

CODE Nom ID Nom OD Working Pressure @ 20⁰C Vac Rating *mm hg Min Bend Radius Stock Lengths
36G25X20 25mm 31.9mm .9mpa / 130psi 624 120mm 20m
36G32X20 32mm 39.4mm .8mpa / 116psi 624 150mm 20m
36G38X** 38mm 46.1mm .7mpa / 101psi 624 20mm 20m & 30m
36G50X** 50mm 60.2mm .6mpa / 87psi 624 300mm 20m & 3om
36G63X20 63mm 74.4mm .6mpa / 87psi 624 400mm 20m
36G76X20 76mm 88mm .5mpa / 73psi 624 450mm 20m
36G102X20 102mm 116mm .4mpa / 58psi 624 600mm 20m

Recommended Use: RX Grey Suction is recommended for general purpose suction and discharge of water and other liquids. – Especially suited to plumb between domestic water pumps and tanks. Suitable for conveying slurries and light granular materials.

Conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (Plastics for food contact).
Heavy duty flexible grey PVC hose with a rigid PVC helix.
Smooth bore to permit maximum flow.
Manufactured from flexible compound for ease of handling.
Operating temperature from -5⁰C to +60⁰C.
Outstanding UV stability