Lilac Pressure Hose

Premium Reinforced hose for use in grey waste water systems where a pressure hose is required. Hose cover is UV stabilised Lilac (purple) with a ribbed finish. The hose is dimensioned to industrial hose fittings. Printed “WASTE WATER DO NOT DRINK”. Operating Temperature from -5°c to + 60°c.



Lilac Sullage Pressure Hose Specification Sheet

Code Nom I.D. Working Pressure @ 20⁰ C Stock Lengths
01SP20X** 20mm 1.6mpa / 232 psi 20m, & 100m
01SP25X** 25mm 1.6mpa / 232 psi 20m, & 100m

Recommended Use: For use with reclaimed water when pressure is used, commonly used on concrete trucks, concrete batching plants and quarries etc.

Excellent U.V. Resistance to withstand extreme Australian conditions.
Ribbed outer cover provides superior resistance to abrasion.
Conforms to AS / NZS2554 – Class B
Working Pressure 1.6mpa / 232 psi
Operating temperature -5⁰C to + 60⁰C.
Lilac ribbed outer cover Printed “WASTE WATER – DO NOT DRINK”
Manufactured with a 4:1 pressure safety factor (burst pressure is four times greater than the operating pressure).

Construction: Inner core Black flexible PVC with smooth finish. Reinforcing: High tenacity polyester yarn Outer cover: UV stabilised lilac (purple) PVC with a ribbed finish.