Marineflex hose

A smooth bore lightweight hose with excellent flexibility. Particularly well suited for use on bilge pumps or a waste hose for caravans and RV’s. Hose is also suitable for dust extraction, cable conduit and light duty Air Seeder applications. Hose has excellent UV stability. Operating Temperature from -5°C to + 60°C.

Marineflex Hose Specification Sheet

Code NOM ID NOM OD Working Pressure @ 20⁰C Vac Rating *mm hg Min Bend Radius Stock Lengths
36M20x20 19mm 24.7mm .2mpa / 29psi 310 90mm 20m
36M25X** 25mm 31.1mm .2mpa / 29psi 310 95mm 10m & 20m
36M28X20 28mm 34.9mm .2mpa / 29psi 310 105mm 20m
36M32X20 32mm 38.9mm .2mpa / 29psi 310 115mm 20m
36M38X20 38mm 44.9mm .2mpa / 29psi 310 140mm 20m
36M50X20 50mm 56.9mm .2mpa / 29psi 310 180mm 20m

Recommended Use: A smooth bore lightweight hose well suited as a discharge hose for Bilge pumps, Pond pumps and commonly used as a waste hose for caravans or RV’s. RX Marineflex can also be used as a lightweight air seeder hose, dust extraction ducting or Low Voltage cable conduit.

Black PVC hose with a rigid PVC helix.
Smooth bore to reduce friction loss and build up of residue.
Excellent flexibility & UV Stability
Conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (Plastics for food contact)
Operating temperature from -5⁰C to +60⁰C.