Multiflex Fitted Air Tool Hose

Premium quality air tool hose fitted with Nitto compatible one touch couplings permanently attached with ferrules.

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Multiflex Fitted Air Tool Hose Specifications

Code Nominal Size Length Bag Qty.
21MF10X10F 10mm 10m 5
21MF10X15F 10mm 15m 5
21MF10X20F 10mm 20m 5
21MF10X30F 10mm 30m 3
21MF12X20F 12.5mm 20m 4
21MF12X30F 12.5mm 30m 3

Recommended Use: Multiflex Blue Yellow Air / Water Hose is ideal for use with air compressors and pneumatic tools. i .e. nail guns, rattle guns & staple machines etc.

Conforms to AS 2554- Class B
Abrasion resistant high visibility blue and yellow cover.
Excellent U.V. Resistance to withstand extreme Australian conditions.
Good flexibility even at low temperatures.
Designed for ease of movement without kinking.
Fitted with quality Nitto style fittings.

Construction: Inner core: Flexible PVC with smooth finish. Reinforcing: High tenacity polyester yarn. Outer cover: UV stabilised high visibility blue PVC with yellow stripe with a smooth finish.