Nyglass Camlocks

RX Camlocks are designed as a reliable quick connect system for use with hose, pipe and tanks. Poly & Nyglass camlocks are glass reinforced.



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Nyglass Camlock Fittings Specification Sheet

Recommended Use:
Designed for use with liquids, Yellow Nyglass camlocks are made of nylon reinforced with glass fibres with stainless steel levers and pins .
These are lightweight couplings that are resistant to various chemicals (check chemical charts), solvents, weathering, and salt water.

Nyglass camlocks are highly resistant to cross threading, impact, warpage, and crushing . They are also electrically inert – no sparks or galvanic action. They are not recommended for use in food applications.

Nyglass camlocks are becoming increasingly popular and offer many advantages over polypropylene and traditional aluminium, bronze, or stainless steel fittings.

Camlocks are NOT for use with compressed air or gases. Always confirm if gasket material is compatible with fluid.
Dust Caps and Dust Plugs are not to be used in pressure applications.

Rated working pressures at 20⁰ C
15mm – 25mm 100psi,
40mm – 50mm 75psi,
80mm – 100mm 50psi
Maximum temperature is 79°C.

Special precaution must be taken when using at elevated temperatures – consult factory.