Wine And Spirit

A heavy duty flexible smooth bore hose for the conveyance of fruit juices and wines and liquors up to 28% proof. Hose conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (Plastics for food contact). It is phenol & phthalate free and suitable for use with honey & dairy products. This hose has moderate UV stability. Operating Temperature from -5°C to +60°C

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Wine Suction & Discharge Hose Specification Sheet

CODE Nom ID Nom OD Working Pressure
@ 20⁰C
Vac Rating
*mm hg
Min Bend
36W25X20 25mm 31.9mm .9mpa / 130psi 624 120mm 20m
36W32X20 32mm 39.4mm .8mpa / 116psi 624 150mm 20m
36W38X20 38mm 46.1mm .7mpa / 101psi 624 200mm 20m
36W50X20 50mm 60.2mm .6mpa / 87psi 624 300mm 20m
36W76X20 76mm 89.6mm .5mpa / 73psi 624 450mm 20m
36W102X20 102mm 116mm .4mpa / 58psi 624 600mm 20m

Recommended Use: General purpose Suction and discharge of liquids requiring a food grade hose in applications including wineries, canneries, milk and general food processing plants.


Conforms to AS / NZS 2070 (plastics for food contact), USA FDA CFR21 & EU 2002-72-EC
Suitable for contact with wine and Spirits at up to 28% proof.
Manufactured from Phenol & Phthalate free compound.
Clear wall allows visual inspection of hose media.
Moderate UV resistance.
Excellent Kink Resistance.
Operating temperature from -5⁰C to +60⁰C.
Smooth inner bore to allow for ease of cleaning and minimise bacteria build up.
Polymeric plasticiser resists extraction by alcohol, honey, vegetable oil & dairy products.

Branding: RX Wine Suction Hose – AS /NZS 2070 – FDA CFR21 – EU – Approved – Phthalate Free – Made in Australia

Construction: Heavy Duty Flexible Food Grade Clear PVC with a crush resistant Red rigid PVC helix.