• Heavy duty flexible grey PVC hose with a rigid PVC helix.
  • Smooth inner bore to reduce losses.
  • Operating temperature from -5ºc to +60ºc.
  • Excellent flexibility.

  • General purpose suction hose for the conveyance of water.
Nominal ID Nominal OD Working Press* MPa Vacuum Rating*mm Hg Min Bend Radius Lengths
25mm 31.5mm 0.9 624 120mm 20m
32mm 38.5mm 0.8 624 150mm 20m
38mm 46mm 0.7 624 200mm 20m
44mm 53.5mm 0.7 624 250mm 20m
50mm 59.5mm 0.6 624 300mm 20m
63mm 73mm 0.6 624 400mm 20m
76mm 87.5mm 0.5 624 450mm 10m, 20m
102mm 116mm 0.4 624 600mm 10m, 20m

*at 20º Celsius