RX Rural Pipe

RX Green Stripe Rural 800 Pipe is manufactured from all virgin, medium duty Polyethylene resins. The addition of carbon black gives this product excellent UV stability. RX Green Stripe Rural Pipe is suitable for above and below ground applications. This pipe has a Working Pressure of 800 Kpa at 20 Deg C.


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RX Rural Pipe Specification Sheet

Nom I.D. Min I.D. Min Wall Nom Pressure Rating @ 20⁰ C Stock Lengths
¾” 18.6mm 1.4mm 800kpa / 116psi 50m & 200m
1” 24.1mm 1.5mm 800kpa / 116psi 50m & 200m
11/4” 31.2mm 1.9mm 800kpa / 116psi 50m, 150m & 300m
11/2” 37.6mm 2.2mm 800kpa / 116psi 50m, 150m & 300m
2” 50.2mm 3.0mm 800kpa / 116psi 50m, 100m & 200m

Recommended Use: For use in rural areas – above or below the ground in water transfer, Irrigation, stock watering and other medium pressure applications.

Excellent U.V. stability
Green line to signify imperial rural pipe.
RX Rural 800 Green Stripe Polyethylene pipe is manufactured from pipe grade, all virgin polyethylene compound with a design life of 20 years.