Black Nitrile/PVC Suction/Discharge Hose

An extremely flexible hose particularly well suited for collection of environmental waste products and chemicals. Its high nitrile / PVC compound gives this hose improved resistance to mineral oils and animal fats as well as reducing compression set. This makes it ideal for grease trap & septic tank applications especially in colder weather. Its has enhanced UV stability. Operating Temperature from -5°C to +60°C

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Suited for Suction or open ended Discharge of environmental waste products and chemicals. Particularly well suited for grease trap & septic tank applications.


  • Proudly Australian made for Australian Conditions.
  • These Heavy duty flexible Blue or Black PVC / Rubber Alloy hoses constructed with a rigid PVC maintain excellent flexibility even in colder climates.
  • Smooth bore to permit maximum flow.
  • Polymeric plasticizer resists solvent extraction
  • Operating temperature from -5⁰C to +60⁰C.
  • High rubber content gives enhanced resistance to abrasion as well as chemicals, animal fats, mineral oils & some fuels.
  • Outstanding UV stability
CODE Nom ID Nom OD Inlet Discharge Rating @ 20⁰C Vac Rating *mm hg Min Bend Radius Stock Lengths
36BL20X20 20mm 25.8mm 1mpa / 145psi 624 100mm 20m
36**25X** 25mm 31.9mm .9mpa / 130psi 624 120mm 20 &  30m
36**32X** 32mm 39.4mm .8mpa / 116psi 624 150mm 20 &  30m
36**38X** 38mm 46.1mm .7mpa / 101psi 624 200m 20 &  30m
36**50X** 50mm 60.2mm .6mpa / 87psi 624 300mm 20m
36**63X** 63mm 74.4mm .6mpa / 87psi 624 400mm 20 &  30m
36**76X** 76mm 89.6mm .5mpa / 73psi 624 450mm 20m
36B102X20 102mm 116mm .4mpa / 58psi 624 600mm 20m


# Blue available in 20m Coils.

# Black available in 20m & 30m Coils.

#  Blue not available in 20mm

#  Black not available in 102mm